What do you do for a living?

I guarantee this is a question that runs through a lot of your minds…
“How do these fashion bloggers make their money?” “What do they do for a living?”
I’m just as guilty, having had the same thoughts so here’s where I be honest with all of you..

…I’m currently jobless…
I say currently because I have been offered a role at a very reputable company of which I won’t mention because it’s not set in stone … yet.
Anyway back to being jobless, I’ve worked since I was 19 (I’m now 29) nonstop and I excelled in my career. I started out on £7.50ph as Admin to £14.50ph as Assistant Manager within 3 years. I said to my partner around the middle of 2016 that by the end of the year I would become the BIG BOSS in a new workplace and come September 2016 I was exactly that, earning £18ph.
At first it felt amazing, being in charge of everything and everyone, having my own office and this enormous power status but I soon realised how lonely such a position is.
I won’t go into detail as I do not believe in being negative about previous employments, especially in such a public and open way (future employers may read this – who knows!) but it was evident that this job wasn’t for me, even one of the newbies who joined around the same time as me could sense something wasn’t right. Most days I would not get home till 7.30pm and then sleep at 10pm to be up at 7am to do it all over again.
I found myself having very little time for anything, I stopped going gym, I started eating crappy ping meals (microwave dinners) – I had a total lack of motivation to do anything because I constantly felt tired, empty and miserable. My enjoyment in life was being taken away from me because my time was being dedicated to something I did not enjoy.
“No one likes their job really, just stick it out till you find somewhere else.” It was hearing phrases like this and many others that got me thinking … Why do we stay in a job that we don’t like and we dread waking up for? Like sure I get it, we all need money because that’s what makes the world go round and pays our bills but it makes us miserable and stops us doing what we really want to do. Its self torture and many of us do this for years! I read that one of the main regrets of those dying is working hard in a job that they didn’t love… let that sink in for just a moment.
I realised after working for 10 years (5 in this sector) that I do not want to be “stuck” in a role that does not fulfil or provide me satisfaction- so I left my BIG BOSS job at the beginning of March after 5 months employment. It wasn’t easy to leave but the thought of staying pass probation and a notice period of 3 months meant I would well and truly be trapped.
What really helped me through this is my strong support system, my partner. He understood how I felt and would always be there to listen to me rant and whilst he maybe didn’t agree with me leaving and probably would have wanted me to stay for monetary reasons, even till now he hasn’t made me feel like I did the wrong thing.
So what about money? Well being a Manager pays very well!! My last full paycheque was end of February and I got a little sum of money from my final paycheque at the end of March so I’ve not gone without. I knew I would come across another job soon so money was never a worry. I’ve always been savvy with money and looking for deals, which is what the The Look On The Low is all about and what I hope to help many of my followers.
The most positive outcome from my decision is the daily reminder when I wake up, without dread, that I am happy with the enjoyment I am getting in my life. Am I bored? … not really, I’ve got so much time to dedicate on me, do new things, establish new goals, accomplish existing goals, spend time with my family, friends, partner, work on my health, my cooking skills! and so much more…
Always trust, believe and follow what makes you happy!

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